Katherine St.Angelo


Katherine St. Angelo is a mixed media artist native to the United States now residing in Northern Ireland. Her work encompasses a multiplicity of mediums; printmaking, collage, textiles, paint, embroidery and recycled materials she collects.


‘As a mixed media artist using predominately textiles at the core of my work, it is texture and layering that dominates the aesthetics of my art work. I draw inspiration from the different materials I have to hand, interacting with the various mediums at my disposal.

Social political attitudes and events, the ever changing natural environment and our imaginings of what the future holds often dominate my thoughts when creating a piece of work. Regardless of the surrounding thoughts; it is the desire to create and the exploration of the process that drives each piece forward. When layers of paint and fabric are sewn together, the complex relationship of modern human existence with all that surrounds us, sets the scene. This most terrifying and exciting time in this world exemplifies how I feel every time I embark on a new piece of work.’