Robert Clarke

Robert Clarke is currently undertaking a practice-based PhD through Sculpture and Expanded Practice at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

'My current work is an exploration to see if some form of co-existence can possibly be found between ephemerality and documentation. Ephemeral artworks are made to disappear. Acts of capturing these artworks in all forms of documentary evidence, often ends up destroying the central message of fleetingness underlying them. Documentation creates an unintended fixed moment and portrays a sense of permanence that was not envisioned or desired at the time the work existed. Within my practice I am attempting to create ephemeral surfaces onto which I project video, photographs and text, in an attempt to find poetic strategies for combining documentation within the actuality of ephemeral process.

Although at an early stage I am also attempting to highlight similarities I feel queer temporalities share with ephemeralness. Highlighting how queer history survives despite seeming at times to disappear, in the hope that similar strategies could be employed when documenting transitory art-events.'


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