Our Studios

Creative Exchange currently offers space to 12 artists. This is made up of 10 ground floor studios of different sizes and 1 space on the 1st floor.

What we offer members:
  • 24 hour access

  • security

  • creative community

  • project space

  • programme of events, exhibitions and group assessments.

  • administration and board support

  • website inclusion

  • Wi-fi

Studio costs

Our studio costs are determined by a per-square-foot calculation, which ensures that there is parity for all members who occupy studios of different sizes.

We are grateful to Arts Council of Northern Ireland for the subsidies they provide annually to ensure that our studios remain affordable

for artists.


Available studios will be announced via our News page and through our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

If you have an enquiry about space, please do not hesitate to contact email: creativeexchangeartists@gmail.com